The energy management service joins the methodology and platforms of infrastructure management of sayoscarrera, with a work team composed of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the production, distribution, commercialization and purchase in the electrical sector.
The life cycle of the Energy Management includes the following services:


We help our clients to optimize the electric cost, adapting the rates, their hiring, and establishing optimization measures.

  • Market analysis (benchmark) of rates and consumption, both internally and within the market.
  • Energy audits and detection of improvement and optimization measures.
  • Optimization of rates. Simulation of offers.
  • Support in the processes of individual or aggregate hiring, RFP’s, negotiation processes …
  • Regulated prices, OMIE, OMIP.
  • Calculation of CO2 emissions.

Costs Management

The objective of the service is to free organizations from day-to-day management of their electricity costs, providing information for their continuous optimization.

  • Download billing and consumption (remote reading).
  • Information repository.
  • Verification of each one of the invoices and detection of errors.
  • Management of claims.
  • Imputation of all electric costs providing useful information for optimal management.
  • Periodic reports aimed at optimizing hiring and consumption: inventory analysis, powers, hourly discrimination, reactive …. improvement proposals
  • Unified display through our electric bill portal, from multiple suppliers, CUPS, understandable and manageable by the rest of the organization.

Operations Management

We help our clients in the daily management with the supplying companies and monitor the consumption of their facilities.

  • Inventory management of supply points.
  • Management of contracts, rates, formulas, conditions.
  • Management of registrations / departures / changes / modifications with suppliers.
  • Claims management
  • Monitoring of instantaneous values of consumption, generation and communication of alarms.
  • Follow-up of established SLA’s service levels and calculation of penalties.