Our lifecycle

We understand our actions as a continuous service with a cycle that contains the Consulting, Project Management, Cost Management and ICT Infrastructure Management.
Our pillars are excellence, knowledge and involvement with the client, which allows us to plan and execute strategies to ensure success in our actions.

Communications Infrastructure


LAN, WAN and Wireless networks

Unified communications and collaboration


Contact Centre

Coordination and emergency centre

Security and control

IoT, Smart Tech


Big Data

Cloud Services


We collaborate with our clients in the analysis of the current situation regarding ICTs (broadly: strategy, technology, costs, operating models, etc.).

We define improvement aspects and plan the projects to be carried out.

This area includes, among others, the realization of: Strategic Plans, Technological Director Plans, Operational Plans, Technological and Cost Benchmarking, Drafting of proposals (RFP’s) and support in its process, Support in the constitution of Operators, Plans of business, etc.

In recent years, we have participated in more than 70 processes of contracting ICT services / infrastructures, in companies and organizations, with bidding costs between € 1.5M / year and € 90M / year.

As a result of this activity, we have a wide and extensive bank of market prices, management models and SLAs.

Engineering and Projects management

We carry out detailed projects for our clients, support the selection of the best supplier and take responsibility for the management of the project, ensuring that it is executed in time and budget.

This area includes, among others: Drafting of projects, Support in contracting, Drafting of contracts, Technical offices of implementation, Support to change management or Training.

In the last years, SayosCarrera can accredit services of technical office of migration of ICT services / infrastructures in more than 11,000 offices of our clients with more than 200,000 users. As a result of our activity, we have a wide experience, a proven methodology, as well as a broad knowledge of the technological and economic market.

Cost management of telecommunications and technologies

From SayosCarrera we help our clients to optimally manage their ICT costs, minimizing the dedication of resources by the organization:

  • Guaranteeing the negotiation of the lowest rates, based on their volume of consumption.
  • Freeing organizations from the day-to-day management of their ICT costs, from checking each of the invoices, managing complaints to operators and suppliers, optimizing their infrastructures and services.
  • Supporting the correct allocation of all ICT costs, by delegation or cost centre and providing useful information to those responsible for optimal management.
  • Offering the ICT managers of the organization (CIO, CT, Purchasing, Accounting) the necessary information to optimize the management of their costs.
  • Providing our customers with the best practices in the market.

ICT infrastructures management

We help our clients in the day-to-day management and operation of their ICT systems and services, acting as an interface between the users of our clients and the operators, suppliers and ICT integrators.

The service is based on ITIL practices and includes the following functions:

  • CAU: Customer Service Centre, from our CGO (operations management centre).
  • Service support: Incident management, Problem management, Traffic management, Configuration management, Version management.
  • Service Management: Quality Management (SLAs), Financial Management, Capacity Management, Continuity Management.
  • Operation Management: Maintenance Management and Technical Support.

Cibersecurity services and solutions

We offer our clients a global support specialized in cybersecurity, combining actions of prevention, detection, response and recovery and acting in the areas of strategy, organization, technologies, human resources and current legislation. We help our clients in the analysis of their security systems and in the design, contracting, implementation and transformation of services and solutions that allow them to optimize the level of protection of their information assets.

We propose a global service of Cybersecurity that contemplates activities in this area of ​​consultancy, engineering and specialized operation and :

  • Consulting services: Technical audit, compliance with good practices and standards, organizational consultancy, training and awareness.
  • Engineering services: Design, contracting and implementation of solutions and development of contingency and continuity plans.
  • Operation services: Security and SOC.

We have experience and relevant cases of success in organizations in different sectors of activity (health, banking, insurance, industry, …) and we have an extensive knowledge of strategy, technologies, processes, organization and good practices, standards and regulations about Cybersecurity, as well as highly qualified and certified professionals in the main solutions and technologies of the market.